May 15, 2012
Epic Technology FAIL….

I’ve somehow managed to hit the jackpot on technology fail:

-My home internet connection is deader than a doornail, courtesy of I switched to them beause AT&T DSL sucks in SF, and it was supposed to be faster. Instead it’s been unreliable, and I can’t get a techinician out to my place until next week. Until then I’m left with nothing, aside from the occaisional WiFi ride coutesy of the neighbors.

-My blog has been infected with some sort of malware that’s proving difficult to fix (thankfully a loyal reader offered to help this week), and it is now impossible for me to post new posts. This is particularly annoying as the N Judah line suddenly announced that they’re shutting down service for a WEEK (they never said anything about this before) and needless to say I’d like to write about it. 

(This finally gave me the kick in the ass I needed to stop fooling around and make the migration to WordPress, which will result in a better looking and more modern looking blog in time for the SEVENTH anniversary of the site!)

-My 2008 MacBook took a tumble as I was removing it from the TV cabinet, and while I “caught” it, I managed to frak up the DVD drive. It now makes a horrid buzzing sound when the DVD drive is “checked” by OS X when turned on, etc. So that means both time away from the computer while it gets fixed, and it’s no longer covered by AppleCare.

What’s especially sad is that I had this replaced a couple of years ago. Combined with the replacement of the motherboard just days before the expiration, I pretty much had a brand new computer in an old shell, which was kinda cool. I like it a lot and there’s no reason to replace it, although I have heard that OS X Mountain Lion may not run on it very well, but I’m not sure. Even if I do end up buying a new MacBook, I’d keep this one as an entertainment computer and just never have it leave the TV cabinet.

I’ve always had some tech fail but never all at once like this. Ugh.

For now, I’m going to post here while the fixes are made. Naturally this all happens on the eve of a WEEK LONG service shutdown on the N. Argh.