The rich, white people are the ones who can telecommute or take vacation days during the strike. The people on the BART busses are those who don’t get sick/vacation days and/or live paycheck to paycheck, so they can’t miss a work day. They can’t afford SF rents where they might live close enough to bike/walk to work. They work in physical labor or the service industry, so working remotely is not an option. THEY are the 99%.

Occupy has trouble showing working class solidarity because…well a lot of them just don’t like to work themselves.

This is a classic case of failed solidarity. When most unions are unions for government workers, and most people don’t have a union, strikes don’t go as well as they could. Likewise outside groups who have little clue as to the issues and the reasons for the strike pull shit like this, and end up hurting the people they claim to be “helping.” The unions told Occupy to put a sock in it, eventually. 

I guess if all you know of revolution is what you learned from some Marxist professor at college or from some wannabe street prophet, these kinds of complexities don’t factor in to your latest temper tantrum.

Some Occupy dude mouthing off at the Muni event. He smelled bad and also, um, Occupy SF sucks. It’s no longer about income inequality or social justice. It’s just about camping for a  fringe sect that seems to consider “soap” a four letter word. A pity, since there’s real issues to be dealt with, but these shmoes just want to play camp and act like jerks. Also: the smell.  (Taken with Instagram at F Street Car Muni Stop - Don Chee Way)