November 14, 2011
Occupy is no longer about economic equality, it’s now about camping in a park.

Thanks to the fact that the “Occupy” movement insists on ‘no leaders’ what began as a movement to raise the issue in a forceful way the problems of economic inequality and the fact that the USA is becoming a Third World country at First World prices, and what not, now it’s become a movement about camping in parks.

While there’s a core group of people who are committed to an Actual Cause (strangely, in some ways bringing up the same issues the Tea Party did, albeit from another direction), there’s a growing part of the encampments that are only about people wanting to camp in parks and be allowed to do whatever they want, laws and civility and cleanliness be damned.

I support the Occupy movement bringing up these issues and forcing people to confront what they’ve been in denial about, but it’s time to apply some creativity. We don’t have to have people camping in crappy tents in a park to continue to force local and national government to deal with the issue.

The “shock and awe” movement of the initial Occupy protests is over - its time for Act II. Be creative. Don’t repeat the past like a Civil War re-enactment (looking at you, 21st century hippies). Blow minds not with your funk, but with something that really shows why financial abuses by the few harm the many, and why we should give a fuck. Human microphones just sound like, church by secular white kids.

Some other smart observations on Occupy that the Occupy people won’t read. 

Also: How many of ‘em went to vote in the SF Mayoral election, where LITERALLY the “1%” bankrolled a campaign to protect their tax breaks? 

Oh that’s right. They were at a camp site.