May 12, 2012
USA’s “Fairly Legal” had a Muni angle this week

We all know all USA network shows are basically a variant on Sherlock Holmes, each one featuring a “zany” “quirky” main character, and ridiculous situations. Basically it’s the TV equivalent of your favorite snack food - feels good at the time, but then you realized you could have had something better (and better for you).

This week featured none other than Meatloaf as a rep for the “Bay City Metro” workers’ union, which apparently goes “bankrupt” thus meaning that all operator and worker salaries get hella cut, so the threaten to strike. (which is actually illegal in SF for public workers). Also, “Bay City Metro” is a “private company” so they can do whatever they want according to the judge. (ORLY?) 

There is so much that’s amusing about this and also COMPLETELY bullshit, it makes for a fun watch if you are actually from SF. That, and of course the fact that Vancouver sits in for SF for the scenery.

Oh and the lead actress is cute too. Still think she and Damian Lewis were robbed by NBC when they canceled “Life.” She also says “Shut the frak up.” Yay!