May 5, 2012
Two Books I Just Read: The Autobio of Lord Alan Sugar and the Bio of Steve Jobs

I highly recommend both.

That said, both people, sucessful in business and in taking a regular biz and turning it on its head had two distinct ways of doing it.

Alan Sugar was always all about coming up with a mass product, fast, that was easy to make and of quality.

Steve Jobs saw what was, and amped it up a bit to create the products no one would have conceived of conventionally, then decided we NEEDED it, and convinced us we needed it. I mean, look at a chart of smartphones BEFORE the iPhone.

Better yet, listen to my brother’s reaction when we saw the demo back in 2007: every time he heard a siren it was “oh I guess more heart attacks are happening at {insert cell phone company here}.” He was right.

Both of them were straight shooters, altough WTF was up with all the crying and the food disorders with Jobs? The latter literally killed him. Sad.

Either way, both did their best to contribute to their nation. I admire that Lord Sugar stood by PM Gordon Brown, and pointed out how the financial crisis wasn’t his fault despite the media and political bullshit. I admire Jobs for calling out President Obama on HIS bullshit, re: manufacturing and education. Both meant well, but in the political world, no one wanted to listen. 

Both deserve respect, for different reasons. Both were successful, and both worked up there way from nada mucho. Again, Respect.

It’s also made me re-think what I’m doing now. I realize that one has to really give a crap about what they’re doing to be successful. I’ve been successful in blogging for some time now, but now, after almost 7 years, I’m frankly a bit burnt. I SHOULD continue but I’ve often said once it became a job or a duty, and not “fun” I would quit.

I haven’t decided yet if I’ll quit, but I will say that something has to change. Part of that as I’ve discussed with those who cover SF politics and government is that at some point you want to bring a flame thrower to the place, and well, you need a break.

I’m no Steve Jobs, nor am I a Lord Sugar. I don’t have to be. But I do need to take a moment and stop playing the game of The Internet and take a break. So I shall.